Virtual Fitness Coaching with an Online Trainer Federation Member in Athens, AL

Online personal training classes open up a wide array of new opportunities for individuals who want to prioritize their fitness. Providing clients with the same personal workout experience virtually that they would get in person, however, takes special preparation and training on the part of the fitness coach.

Debbie Kulmer of Balance Personal Training in Athens has assured that all of our virtual clients will receive the best training there is in virtual fitness by becoming a member of the Online Trainers Federation.

The Online Trainers Federation provides its members with the skills and tools they need to successfully meet client needs and goals within the unique specifications of a virtual setting.

Completion of this fast-paced program prepares personal trainers to transition from in-person fitness coaching to online personal training without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. Applying years of specialty knowledge and experience from live training to a virtual forum is not something that can be mastered overnight. When you work with a fitness coach who is a part of the Online Trainers Federation, you can feel confident that we have taken the time and effort necessary to educate ourselves on the best virtual training practices available.

After experiencing the nuances of an online training program firsthand, it is that much easier for us to ensure that our virtual clients are getting the support they need to achieve their goals. A membership with the Online Trainers Federation puts Balance Personal Training in a uniquely-qualified position to develop and implement a virtual fitness plan that strengthens and empowers you to the same level as in-person training.

Don’t just take our word for it though—sign up to work with an online virtual trainer from our Athens studio and experience the benefits of our specialized background for yourself. Contact Balance Personal Training today to start taking back control of your health and wellness!